Innovator Insights: From Idea to Impact

Welcome to "Innovator Insights:

From Idea to Impact" Podcast

Celebrating the visionaries, the risk-takers, and the disruptors who are shaping the future of consumer product innovation and e-commerce.

We’d love to hear and share your unique story.

If you are:

  • A Consumer Product Entrepreneur - you've built a company by turning one or several ideas or innovative concepts into game-changing consumer products.

  • An E-commerce Titan - you're at the helm of a thriving e-commerce enterprise selling products to consumers or businesses generating over $1m in sales.

  • A Sustainability Champion - you are a champion for sustainable innovation in the consumer product space either through materials, recycling, technology, or other processes that our guests could learn about and incorporate in their own businesses.

Please schedule a time on the show! Our audiences can’t wait to hear your story.

Who We're Not Looking For:

We appreciate all types of businesses, but our focus is on innovation and tangible impact. We're not seeking drop-shippers or those with a superficial connection to the e-commerce world.

If you fit the profile of a visionary entrepreneur who's making waves in the e-commerce industry, we invite you to be a guest on "Innovator Insights." Share your journey, insights, and strategies to inspire and educate our audience.

Apply today to explore the possibility of joining us on the podcast that celebrates innovation and the entrepreneurial spirit.

With Your Host,

Henrik Johansson

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